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Welcome to BSD Geneva !


Cédric Vilella, Coach specialist in Combat Arts!


Street defense / street wrestling and street weapons ADAC France method:

Protection, response, control, keys, ground, knife and stick, the art of melee standing and or on the ground taking into account the dangers of the street,


Amazon Training (Female Self Defense),


The French Savate Boxing (educational and combat), English Boxing and Physical Coaching, accompanies you through a program adapted to your objectives.


Self defense methods (ADAC) incorporate work on behavioral and psychological aspects, communication techniques in conflict situations, stress management, principles of physical defense.

You will learn to get out of degraded situations while working on your posture as well as adapted responses.

Whether you are a civilian or a professional, you will find restorable principles in your environment.

Through the BSD Geneva courses, you will benefit from quality technical education accessible to all and from adapted and progressive physical preparation from one course to another.

All our self defense courses (private, group, internships) integrate scenarios, opposition games, attitude, varied and realistic memorization to make our courses fun and effective.


The boxing classes punched feet are adapted according to the level of each one, we propose courses of boxing educational (light contact) or the pupils must impose themselves by their technical and tactical qualities, but in no case by the power of the blows.

For pre-combat and combat boxing where we hit we select the most diligent students and then accompany them to the competitions. You will benefit from the coach's combat experience and his 20 years of club practice.


Throughout the year the BSD Geneva supports all types of profiles preparing for the tests of different competitions: firefighters, police, military and border guard.

The ADAC method is also intended for security guards.


Training takes into account the technical level and physical resources of each.


The BSD Geneva is open to men, women, beginners, experienced, young, senior and veterans. The courses offer different formulas: semi collective class for faster learning, private coaching, corporate and collective coaching.


We offer personalized video analysis and coaching to help you improve your performance in the short, medium and long term.


The BSD Geneva regularly organizes internships in Switzerland and abroad with the participation of key figures from the world of Combat Arts.

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Cédric Vilella , Coach specialized in combat arts

Boxing CLUB Geneva is ...



Cédric Vilella, the Coach




For more than 20 years Cédric Vilella has devoted himself to the practice of the combat arts, and it is above all out of passion. Passion for all the human values ​​that martial arts bring to its disciples: well-being, self-confidence, open-mindedness, peace and serenity, perseverance ... Passion also for the beauty of sport. A passion that inspires, nourishes and enlivens it.


This passion is what will accompany him throughout his experiences. In search of discovery, new sensations and knowledge, Cédric V. left his hometown of Aix-les-Bains at the age of 19 to travel the world: Asia, Africa, America, Europe and Oceania, no continent is spared. His thirst for learning leads him to drop his suitcases in no less than fifty countries, in which he finds himself pleasantly confronted with the genesis of the world of combat arts, and drinking from the source of the essence - even of humanity.


In 2014, Cédric joined the Academy of Combat Arts (ADAC) to train alongside renowned names: Eric Quequet - ex-presidential guard and founder of ADAC, and Robert Paturel 20 years instructor in RAID and former champion of Europe in French boxing savate, and obtains a diploma of trainer in street defense at ADAC. By creating the Geneva Self-Defense Boxing - BSD Geneva, Cédric Vilella joins the ADAC with the mission of transmitting and sharing his passion, his knowledge and his values ​​with his students.


His specialties: Boxing, French boxing (former competitor), self defense and Kyusho Jutsu. Beyond these disciplines that he has practiced daily for many years, Cédric Vilella attaches extreme importance to continuing his learning to always broaden his field of skills, and constantly acquire, complement and refine the techniques of the combat arts.


"Knowing is not enough, you have to apply ...

... Wanting is not enough, you have to accomplish. "

Bruce Lee


In semi-private classes, private coaching, corporate, group or internship coaching .

Access the world of combat arts through the disciplines taught within the BSD Geneva

"To master the art of combat, you have to understand its philosophy. (...)

(...) Without spirit, the body is useless. "

Yew Ching Wong


"Amazon training has a very positive effect on my perception of myself. I quickly started to develop a more posed, more serene and stronger attitude. I had a real click and I decided to continue my learning beyond 10 lessons. "

ISABEL, musician

Geneva, April 2016

 "Thanks Cedric for the time and the boxe de Rue techniques you tought me and wich i think are simple but very effective."

GUILMER, student

Mexico, 2015

"Physical and intense training, while I myself am a coach! I learned a lot humanly and technically thanks to a competent, attentive and generous coach.
Course of an excellent level of quality, I recommend! "

CORENTIN, Sports Coach

France, June 2015

"You will have only one opponent. (...)

(...) It's yourself. "



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Cédric Vilella

Formateur en Arts de Combat

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