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"French Boxing is a deep science ...


... which requires a lot of composure, calculation, agility, strength (...) "


Théophile Gautier (1811-1872)

The slipper master (1842).


A little history...

Appeared in the 19th century in the tradition of French fencing, from which it takes up the vocabulary and the spirit, French boxing savate is a form of boxing which combines kicks and punches. French Savate Boxing can be practiced in the form of Assault, either on the sidelines; or in the form of Combat where the striking power is authorized.



# General physical preparation _ feet / fists work

# Specific physical preparation _ according to targeted themes

# Physical preparation for competition



# Private coaching _ Duration: 1 hour / session _ @  

Outdoor lessons from May to October (Parc de Beaulieu) 

*Home coaching 


# 2h30 themed workshops *



Men, women, beginners or advanced, junior, senior, veteran.



# Gloves / Shin guards / Mouth guards

# Shell for men

# Sports bra + shell for women





* Information on request

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