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"I fly like a butterfly and bite like a bee ...


... His hands cannot strike what his eyes cannot see. "
American TV about Mr. Ali's fight against Foreman


A little history...

The noble art, is a combat sport which opposes two adversaries, of the same category. The meeting is made on the basis of a work in punches that can be worn on the face and chest. Carrying values ​​of respect, humility, confidence, group spirit and surpassing oneself, boxing is above all a great school of life and a perfect sport to keep a physical and a mental to any tests.



# General physical preparation _ fist / bust / movement work

# Specific physical preparation _ according to targeted themes

# Physical preparation for competition


# Private coaching _ Duration: 1 hour / session _ By reservation @ 

# Semi-private class (2 to 12 people max) _ Duration: 1 h

*Home coaching 

# Theme courses *



Men, women, beginners or advanced, junior, senior, veteran.



# Gloves + Mouthguard





* Information on request


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