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A little history...

Developed since 2002 by Eric Quequet , founder of ADAC , Amazon Training is a self defense method specially adapted for women. This method makes it possible to develop realistic skills in defense against any type of aggression, through a program of simple and effective techniques.



# Knowledge of risk situations _ understanding of one's environment

# Mental preparation _ emotion management

# Physical preparation _ resistance / endurance / flexibility

# Technical preparation _ mastery of simple and effective techniques

# Technical-technical preparation _ scenarios



Group lessons season 2020 - 2021 :

#Two group lessons of 1h30 (6.30pm to 8pm) from Tuesday 1 September 2020.


CFPC Ternier Gym 1; Chemin Gérard-De-Ternier 18 PETIT LANCY


College des Grandes-Communes, Chemin Gérard-De-Ternier 20 PETIT LANCY

(school periods)

From 16 years old

Price: 800 CHF / person including registration fees

* Trial class on Tuesday September 1 by reservation: CHF 35, deductible

Places limited to 20 people


# Semi private coaching _ Duration: 1 hour / session by reservation

Duration: 1 hour

* Course prices on request


#Outdoor lessons from spring to autumn (Parc de Beaulieu)

* Course prices on request


#Outdoor courses from spring to autumn (Parc de Beaulieu)

  * Course prices on request


# 2-day weekend course once / month (limited places)

2 level groups: beginner & intermediate / confirmed)


# 3-day weekend / holiday course

# Themed courses * (3h package)




Women, beginner or experienced.




* Information on request

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