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CATS or Concept of Tactical Adaptation in Situation  


A little history...

Developed in 1998 with a view to bringing a realistic dimension to self-defense practices, Eric Quequet implemented the CATS, in other words the Concept of Tactical Adaptation in Situation. This method aims to put participants in real situations of danger or aggression, and thus allow them to become aware of the issues specific to this type of situation.




Theoretical teaching

# Stress and aggression management

# Negotiation / conflict resolution

# Environmental analysis / Sense of observation

# Post-aggression reflexes

Practical teaching

# Basic Street Defense Techniques

# Realistic context


Internship progress

Participants are tested in a realistic context. During the course, they find themselves confronted with dangerous situations, forcing them to adapt and make choices. The mission aims to protect his physical integrity or that of a third party. Physical training makes it possible to put into practice the techniques learned, simple and effective in cold even in a state of stress. CATS courses are filmed, broadcast and debriefed at the end of the session. This approach undoubtedly improves basic alertness and discernment.



The CATS course is open to all men and women, whether or not practicing combat sports or self defense. Couples are welcome and they can also be accompanied by their children over 14 years old.




* Information on request


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