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True strength is that which we exert at all times ...


... on our thoughts, our feelings, our actions. "


Morihei Ueshiba


A little history...

Japanese term, Kyusho-Jutsu means "one second fight", or "finish the fight in a second". Kyusho is not a martial art in itself but a superior part of martial arts, formerly transmitted in secret. Thanks to the supports of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kyusho jutsu allows to deepen the basic knowledge in martial arts through the study of the mechanisms of action of pressure points or acupuncture on the human body.



# General theoretical and physical preparation

# Specific physical preparation according to field of application

# Kyusho Jutsu applied to self-defense



# Initiation course to the art of Kyusho jutsu _ Duration: 3 h 30 

Internship organization on request _ (6 to 12 people)

# Semi-collective class (6 to 12 people) _ Weekly lesson _ Duration 1 hour 30 minutes

Kyusho International license issued

Class formation on request



Confirmed practicing a combat art and wishing to bring added value to his work.






* Information on request

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